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Explore research data

Check out what research is going on, find out about the funding, and take a look at the outcomes. Visualise your own research projects and relationships and learn more about your community

Make research easier

Get some value out of all your research admin responsibilities — find out how good the public data about your research is, see who you should be collaborating with, and benchmark your successes.

About the project. Where we came from.

G4HE was a Jisc project with the aim of improving information exchange between Higher Education Institutions and Research Councils, by giving something useful in return for all the effort that goes into creating, maintaining, and collecting this research data.

We decided what this service should do by asking people what sorts of things they needed, and by working out how we could prove there was a demonstrable value in doing so. If there is something else you would like to be able to do with research data, or if you don't think we have properly met our community needs, then please contact us. We are also developing recommendations for how to improve the administrative and technical aspects of the task of harvesting research data, so now is your chance to have a say.

We use the BIS-funded RCUK Gateway to Research API to retrieve the data they collect from institutional research management systems like Research Fish and ROS. Also, we are working with a range of institutions and research community groups to collect further feedback for guiding the development of our service. Get in touch if you would like to be involved.

Contact us. Get involved.

This is quite a new service, and we would love to hear from you if you want to tell us something about our service or to get involved.

There is an open google group that you can join for discussion and feedback.
Also we have a testing group - if you want to join it let us know.

And there is the code repository, all the stuff we have written to make this work - visit the issue tracker if you want to point out a problem.

Check out the old blog for information about the Jisc project that this service was developed as a part of.